Alice B. Toklas – an American in Paris

The Star Tribune has an interesting little write up of a new book on Americans in Paris who went on to popularise French cooking in the United States. Six authors are discussed, including Alice B. Toklas:

There is Alice B. Toklas — bereft at the loss of her twin soul and lifetime partner, Gertrude Stein — living penniless among kerosene fumes in a Paris flat, surrounded by priceless Picassos, but unable, for personal and estate-related reasons, to sell them. In order to pay some bills, she writes “The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook,” the first cookbook-memoir, a gentle, idiosyncratic celebration of cooking and of life with her great love.

You can find out more about The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook here.

A delicious Christmas jam from Frances Bissell’s fragrant pantry

To celebrate the publication of Frances Bissell’s The Fragrant Pantry: Floral Scented Jams, Jellies and Liqueurs we’re pleased to offer a a free recipe for Frances’ delicious Christmas jam.  The book is the third volume in her acclaimed trilogy of books on floral cooking. You can read more about the  book here. Continue reading “A delicious Christmas jam from Frances Bissell’s fragrant pantry”

“A classic work of popular history” – The Strange Death of Liberal England

We were delighted to see Counterfire’s review of George Dangerfield’s The Strange Death of Liberal England – a book that seems never to lose its relevance…

“What does a crisis of the existing political order look like? What causes such a crisis, and how can it be resolved? In a period like our own, George Dangerfield’s re-issued book on the turbulence and drama of pre-World-War-One Britain is well worth revisiting. It’s a classic work of popular history, first published in 1935, that documents the beginning of the disintegration of a long-established political and social order….”

Read the full review here.

A perfect autumn recipe – Frances Bissell’s saffron cake with pears

Later this year, Serif Books will be publishing the third volume in Frances Bissell’s acclaimed series on cooking with flowers, The Fragrant Pantry: Floral Scented Jams, Jellies and Liqueurs. In the meantime here is a delicious autumnal recipe from the second volume in the trilogy, The Floral Baker: Cakes, Pastries and Breads

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