Classic coconut recipes from 19th century Jamaica

This week’s free recipes are taken from the very first book on Jamaican cuisine, Caroline Sullivan’s Classic Jamaican Cookingfirst published at the end of the nineteenth century. Nothing is as evocative of the Caribbean as the taste of coconut, and here Sullivan offers two delicious baked coconut dishes.


Three Eggs
Ten ounces of sugar
Grated coconut

Three eggs, ten ounces of sugar and as much grated coconut as will form a stiff paste. Whisk the eggs very light. Add the sugar gradually and then the coconut. Roll teaspoons of this in the form of a pyramid; put them separately on paper and bake in rather a cool oven until they are brown.


One pound of grated coconut
Half a pound of sifted lump sugar
Two well-beaten egg whites
Wafer paper

One pound of grated coconut, half a pound of sifted lump sugar, two well-beaten egg whites. Mix these well till smooth, beating the whites first with the sugar and adding the coconut by degrees last of all. Bake on wafer paper in a slow oven.

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